Thursday, January 17, 2008

Signs of deficiencies

Signs of deficiencies:

Old leaves turn yellowish/ redNitrogen deficiency
Leaf loss and small dead areasPhosphate deficiency
Black/ brown leaves, plants dieExcess phosphates
Yellow spots on old leaves and yellowish margins on
younger leaves
Potassium deficiency
Yellowish margins on young leaves with deformat
Calcium deficiency
Yellow spots on old leaves
while veins stay green
Magnesium deficiency
Young leaves turn yellow
Sulfur deficiency
Yellowing leaves starting from the tip then become

Iron deficiency
Yellow spots between the veins, margins and tipsZinc deficiency
Plant stays small slow or now growth white deposits
on leaves (calcium)

CO2 deficiency
Fish gasp for air on surfaceExcess CO2
Sluggish fish no plant growth
Oxygen deficiency
Plants stop growing/ black rootsSubstrate problem

Iron Deficiency

This is a classic sign of iron deficiency in plants.
Iron is a MICROnutrient and although thought for many years that iron(as well as phosphates p04) cause algae it does if to much is in the tank and other nutrients are not balanced.

Potassium Deficiency

This is a classic sign of potassium deficiency in plants.
If potassium is not available to plants the start to disintegrate showing holes and leaves go very brittle.

c02 deficiency

c02 deficiency shows up as black markings on java fern as shown here.